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Top 10 Best Television Brands in Nigeria

There are a variety of television brands out there in the Nigerian electronics industry. This also includes top brands that have been producing TVs to meet the demand. However, getting a new TV can be somewhat challenging especially when you want to get the best product in the market. This challenge might be due to the fact that you do not know so much about a TV brands in the market. With so many brands out there in the market settling for the “ideal TV” might be an issue. But, we are here to help. In this article, you will discover the Top 10 best TVs in the country.

Various brands of TV have distinct features that makes one rate more than the other. This could range from its brilliant designs to its computerized setting. Some TV brands have become easily recognized names in the country for some reasons which are; inventive features, quality, incredible viewer experience, smart highlights, high picture and sound quality, flexibility, ease of use, durability, and affordability. Now let us list the top ten best TVs in the country.

  1. LG

LG is unarguably the best television brand in Nigeria. This fact can be backed up by its numerous users / lovers in the country. When it comes to TV, and probably other electronics, LG indeed make “life good” for its users, as the name implies. With LG TV, you will get amazing picture quality, and smooth sound. In terms of specifications, LG TVs comes in various types and grades to give users multiple options. A good number of their TV comes as smart TVs, LEDs, LCDs, and other types of TVs. While some of their TVs feature USB ports, others are internet enables. You will definitely find an LG TV in any electronic store or you can simply make a purchase online.

  1. Samsung

Samsung is another top TV brand in Nigeria. This TV brand is one of the best when it comes to its display options and quality. A Samsung TV gives you all you require in a TV. This includes the awesome video quality, sound quality, system efficiency, conveyance, and its durability. Samsung TVs, with all these features and qualities, is definitely one to go for or consider when looking for TVs to purchase in Nigeria.

  1. Panasonic

The list of top TV brands in Nigeria will be incomplete without mentioning Panasonic. Panasonic is a dependable brand that has, for a long time, offered or produced some of the best TVs in the market, much of which dates back to days of the CRT models. Despite the fact that they are not the most popular brand in the industry, they still remain one of the most evaluated TV brands in the country. Quality imaging and good picture and sound quality and guaranteed with this TV brand.

  1. Sony

Sony is one of the oldest TV brands that are still making waves in the industry today. They have a variety of TV brands that give viewers a good experience. Apart from the curved screens and smart features that are in modern TVs, Sony also adds their outstanding sound quality and picture quality to their TVs. Their smart TV uses the android OS, and their Bravia TV set exude all – round quality which makes Sony an ideal option for gamers. The brand also uses OLED display technology and provides a wide range of picture quality optimizing features and well as sound immersive viewing features. With these awesome features, Sony sure deserves a spot on this list.

  1. Hisense

This brand of TV presents a collection of standard and modern TV that offers its users nearly all they need in a TV set. This brand has interesting specs as they come in different types and sizes. Much like other brands, this brand comes as smart TVs, LEDs, LCDs, among others. Their LED TVs are the most popular in the country. A large number of their TV features USB ports, and backing connectivity with gadgets like PCs while some of their TVs connects to the internet.

  1. TCL

The TCL technology is a Chinese consumer electronics company that specializes in the production of and other home electronic appliances. You may probably have seen or heard of TCL television. This TV brand is not that available but they are gradually becoming of great value in the TV market today. If you admire sharp, crisp, and colorful displays, you will definitely love TCL range of TVs.

  1. Bruhm

This is also a Chinese owned electronics manufacturing company that deals in the production of home appliances including TVs. Bruhm TVs qualify as a good mid – range TV. Their specifications makes them reliable, just like other brands. Their TV sets are in LED, OLED, and other variants of screen display.

  1. Apple

With Apple TVs, you can easily surf the internet, watch the most recent movies, and follow the most recent happenings anywhere around the world. When it comes to quality, Apple is without a doubt one of the leading brands in the international electronics and gadgets market. Though their TV might be elegant and lovely, it’s also worth having because of the quality they guarantee

  1. Skyworth

This may not be a popular name or brand in the industry but, they are brand to consider and look out for. They have various specs of TV which are available in different models, sizes, and types. Much like other TVs, they come as smart TVs, LEDs, and plasmas, among others. Some of their available TVs come with USB port, internet connection, and supports connectivity with external devices like PCs.

  1. UKA

This is a new name in the TV industry. Despite being a newbie in the market, they make some of the best and affordable TVs available in the market. If by any chance you are looking a large screen TV at an affordable price, UKA is certainly the one to go for. You can get this brand in electronic stores as well as through online vendors.

That’s about it on the list of the top 10 best TVs available in the Nigerian market. All the companies mentioned above are regularly producing TVs to meet the market demands here and to give you the best options available we have created this list.


How to Become a Bet9ja Agent in Nigeria (Updated)

Becoming a Bet9ja Agent – gone are the days when people had to wait for the government in order to be gainfully employed as most persons are now on the lookout for alternative sources of income in order to make ends meet. One of such means of income is becoming a bet9ja agent.

As most people already know, Bet9ja is a betting site in Nigeria, which has grown to be very popular and greatly accepted, especially among Nigerian youths. It is a common site where you see a lot of people gathered in the shop of a bet9ja agent, placing their bets and winning substantial sums of money, depending of course on the amount of money staked.

For all our football lovers, it only makes sense that if you are so in to the game and you can predict for example, the number of goals or the number of corner kicks in a particular match then you should take this seriously and make money out of something that you are so passionate about.

Quite a number of persons have come to see this as an easy way of making money and this is growing in popularity on a daily basis. An even better news is that you can make money from bet9ja without betting on the games and that is by being a bet9ja agent. I’m very sure that right now you have a lot of questions on how this is possible, well that is what we are here to help you with.

If you already have an idea on what it is be a bet9ja agent but you do not know how to go about it or how to begin, then you are right where you are supposed to be by reading this article.

We agree that there are a lot of betting sites in existence in the country today, but in this article our focus is going to be on Bet9ja.

Bet9ja as we have said earlier is quite popular and has a lot of shops in various locations across the country. They also avail their agents with attractive pay so it is not a surprise to see Bet9ja agents popping up in many places. There are lots of advantages to being a Bet9ja agent and on the top of that list is that it is a lucrative source of income.

Benefits of Becoming a Bet9ja Agent.

Just as we have pointed out a couple times in this article, there are a lot of benefits with becoming a bet9ja agent and we have already mentioned the point of it being a good source of income.

Another attracting benefit is that bet9ja is already well known. As soon as you set up a shop and put up your bet9ja banner anybody who is into betting will immediately know what the shop is about and your customer base will come to you. You really don’t have to deeply explain what Bet9ja is all about to potential customers. You don’t have to waste energy, time and resources trying to convince or get people to come to you.

Another advantage becoming a bet9ja agent is that the commission rates are based on turnover. You make your money from every bet you print as there is already a particular percentage you get from every bet that is placed.

For example, let us assume that the percentage for every ticket you print is 10%. This means that for every 100 Naira bet, you will make 10 Naira and for every 1000 Naira bet, you will make 100 Naira. And just like that, you keep making your money. This is really good because whether or not the person placing the bet wins, you already made your money. Your only concern should be in hoping that people stake large sums of money so that your earnings will keep getting growing.

You have nothing to lose when your customers win because all of that is shouldered by the company. It will even be good for you if people win often in your shop as most times they will view your shop as a place with good luck and keep coming back.

People will even go on to tell their friends and colleagues to always patronize your betting shop. This means that you will not just maintain your customer base but it will keep growing and that is more money for you.

Another advantage of being a bet9ja agent is that you and your staff will get free training course provided by the company. You will be taught all you need to know about how the betting system works not only for the real life games but also for the virtual games.

It might interest you to know that the company has Over 5000 events and over 12,000 live betting events for football every week. This is very attractive to the people that are betting as they love the many options available to them.

You can also make fast earnings from the various innovative virtual games that their platform offers. The virtual games goes on for about 90 seconds, and remember that earlier we mentioned that you make your money on the bets that you print not if the person betting wins or loses.

Requirements for Becoming a Bet9ja Agent.

This is necessary so that you can be thoroughly prepared and not be taken unawares by sudden events.

The first requirement is that you need to get a shop. The reason for this is quite obvious, you cannot set up under open skies or in open air praying that it doesn’t rain on a particular day or that the sun does not get too hot. Your customers will not want to subject themselves to such terrible conditions.

Please note that the shop you are getting for this purpose, has to be in a populated and busy area, so that a large number of persons can see you and come to your shop. Make sure you don’t get a tiny cubicle and call it a shop. Your shop is not just for you and your equipment but should also be able to accommodate your customers. It is also best if your shop is not close to another Bet9ja shop. Let it be at least a minimum of 10 – 15 minutes walking distance from any other bet9ja shop.

There are also necessary things that you must have to carry on with the business. These include computers/laptops, power generators as well as a stable and strong internet connection.

When and if your shop has been approved, you will be provided with an account on the platform. There is a signup fee of 75,000 NGN that you will have to pay, after which you will be given some items to help you operate easily. These items include;

  • A bet9ja banner to advertise your shop
  • An account on their platform
  • Thermal printers.

When you are ready to become an agent visit their website at (

Procedures after online registration:

When you are done with the online registration, the process is almost complete. The next thing you have to do is to submit the documents to bet9ja office in your area.

After that, there are some other procedures which include;

  • Document and location check and familiarization with Bet9ja staff
  • Verification of premises

Common Questions:

  1. How much will it cost to be a bet9ja agent
  2. There is signup fee of 75,000 NGN
  3. Who are the Owners of Bet9ja?
  4. Ayo Ojuroye and Kunle Soname
  5. How much do Bet9ja agents earn monthly
  6. Between 80,000 NGN to 100,000 NGN

Gold Business in Nigeria: How To Invest In Gold 2022

In this post, we will take a look at the gold business in Nigeria. We will majorly be looking at how to invest in this profitable sector.

Purchasing gold has, for a long time been an effective way of storing riches and passing it down to generations. Because gold’s prices rises together with inflation, it retain its worth better than bank notes. A person can invest in gold in Nigeria with little money, almost like you do in trading stocks and other investments. All you need to know about investing your money in gold will be covered in this post.

Gold Investment in Nigeria

Gold is one of the few malleable precious metal stones that is always needed and in style. Which is why, especially during a recession or terrible economy, many people invest in gold to protect their wealth. Gold is expensive, quite alright, but its value increases gradually. They are used in a variety of jewelry, devices, offices, home appliances, among others. They can be used as a legal tender as well. Gold is a minimum risk investment that pays out handsomely especially when it’s held for a long period of time. Now that we know how safe it is to invest in gold, let us check out some options for gold investment in Nigeria.

What is the best way to invest in gold in Nigeria?

Aside purchasing gold physically, there are numerous ways of investing in gold in Nigeria. Your choice or method can be determined by your demand and specification. Several ways to invest in gold in Nigeria are:

Physical gold:

One way of investing in gold business in Nigeria is by actual acquisition of gold be it from jewelry, coins, and billions. You can purchase gold in a commodity market or online and preserve it for a long time in a secure volt.

If you intend to acquire physical gold in Nigeria to, you should be well-versed on the subject. Before making a purchase, you should be able to tell real gold from the fake ones. To avoid paying more than you should, make sure you buy from a reputable seller.

Gold Exchange Trade Funds (ETF)

Gold has exchange commodity funds which you can trade in, just like the stock market. You will not have real or actual possession of the gold the same way you do with FX and crypto currency.  If you have little amount of money, the best ways to invest in gold in Nigeria is through Gold Exchange Traded Funds. You also don’t have to worry about the gold being secure because it isn’t physical.

Gold Mining Industries:

Another way to purchase gold in Nigeria is to buy stocks in various gold mining firms. People can invest in gold through these companies. This can be quite dangerous especially if the enterprise is not covered or insured. We suggest that you investigate any firm thoroughly before dealing with them.

What is the best way to start gold business in Nigeria?

Aside investing in the gold business, you can also start one of your own. Here are some tips that can help you in the gold mining industry in Nigeria.

Get information and experience:

To start the gold business, it is important to have a high level of ability, knowledge, and experience. As you begin your gold business, ensure that you conduct a thorough market assessment and feasibility study on the different forms of gold that you may use in your business. You need to know where to obtain gold and the sorts of gold that you can venture in.

Licensing and registration:

It is important to register and document your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Also make sure that you are a member of any Gold Dealers Association in your state.

Search for reliable resources to buy gold:

Ensure that you search for a reputable gold provider who will offer you gold at a price that you can profit from and get a significant return on investment when you resell it. You gold provider should also be able to deliver on time and as at when due. There are phony gold dealers there. Be careful not to be fooled by claims of inexpensive gold. Gold has never been cheap.

Acquire equipment:

It is always a good idea to invest in your equipment and tools for this business. Several of these machines are used in gold smelting, molding, weighing, and testing among other things.

These items are required:

  • A shop, if you do not wish to operate online.
  • A mental or wooden showcase or show glass to show off your gold jewelry.
  • A measuring scale. This is necessary for weighing gold.
  • A gold testing kit to tell the difference a fake and real security door. This is help to prevent theft.

In addition, the correct location of your gold business is also important to the success of your business. Abuja, Lagos, and Kano are major places to start your gold business. Even though you can establish your gold business in any city, it is important to have your business located in an area that the demand for gold is reasonably high rather than in a remote area that has little need for gold or a low standard of living.

Keep an eye on the gold investment trend:

The demand, supply, market price, and the use of gold fluctuates. So, you must pay close attention to these changes to make clever and smart decisions that can improve your business, according to the gold bullion retail specialist. For example, during different periods of the year, especially during festive periods, the taste and demand for jewelry changes.

Publicity and Promotions

We must note that without any element of marketing or advertisement, or any form of publicity, no business can survive. To this effect, we recommend that you employ a variety of strategies, including online and offline marketing to publicize or make known your business to all.

How much capital do you need to start – up gold business?

The capital require to start or invest in gold depends heavily on how much gold you want to start with. Because gold is expensive, it might cost around $600 to $5000 to purchase it. You also need to get other items such as gold scale and gold testing kit which may be about N20, 000. Advertising your gold business will also cost money as you advance in the business.

That’s about it on this post. We believe that by now, you have basic knowledge on how to invest in and start up a gold business