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Top 10 Best Television Brands in Nigeria

There are a variety of television brands out there in the Nigerian electronics industry. This also includes top brands that have been producing TVs to meet the demand. However, getting a new TV can be somewhat challenging especially when you want to get the best product in the market. This challenge might be due to the fact that you do not know so much about a TV brands in the market. With so many brands out there in the market settling for the “ideal TV” might be an issue. But, we are here to help. In this article, you will discover the Top 10 best TVs in the country.

Various brands of TV have distinct features that makes one rate more than the other. This could range from its brilliant designs to its computerized setting. Some TV brands have become easily recognized names in the country for some reasons which are; inventive features, quality, incredible viewer experience, smart highlights, high picture and sound quality, flexibility, ease of use, durability, and affordability. Now let us list the top ten best TVs in the country.

  1. LG

LG is unarguably the best television brand in Nigeria. This fact can be backed up by its numerous users / lovers in the country. When it comes to TV, and probably other electronics, LG indeed make “life good” for its users, as the name implies. With LG TV, you will get amazing picture quality, and smooth sound. In terms of specifications, LG TVs comes in various types and grades to give users multiple options. A good number of their TV comes as smart TVs, LEDs, LCDs, and other types of TVs. While some of their TVs feature USB ports, others are internet enables. You will definitely find an LG TV in any electronic store or you can simply make a purchase online.

  1. Samsung

Samsung is another top TV brand in Nigeria. This TV brand is one of the best when it comes to its display options and quality. A Samsung TV gives you all you require in a TV. This includes the awesome video quality, sound quality, system efficiency, conveyance, and its durability. Samsung TVs, with all these features and qualities, is definitely one to go for or consider when looking for TVs to purchase in Nigeria.

  1. Panasonic

The list of top TV brands in Nigeria will be incomplete without mentioning Panasonic. Panasonic is a dependable brand that has, for a long time, offered or produced some of the best TVs in the market, much of which dates back to days of the CRT models. Despite the fact that they are not the most popular brand in the industry, they still remain one of the most evaluated TV brands in the country. Quality imaging and good picture and sound quality and guaranteed with this TV brand.

  1. Sony

Sony is one of the oldest TV brands that are still making waves in the industry today. They have a variety of TV brands that give viewers a good experience. Apart from the curved screens and smart features that are in modern TVs, Sony also adds their outstanding sound quality and picture quality to their TVs. Their smart TV uses the android OS, and their Bravia TV set exude all – round quality which makes Sony an ideal option for gamers. The brand also uses OLED display technology and provides a wide range of picture quality optimizing features and well as sound immersive viewing features. With these awesome features, Sony sure deserves a spot on this list.

  1. Hisense

This brand of TV presents a collection of standard and modern TV that offers its users nearly all they need in a TV set. This brand has interesting specs as they come in different types and sizes. Much like other brands, this brand comes as smart TVs, LEDs, LCDs, among others. Their LED TVs are the most popular in the country. A large number of their TV features USB ports, and backing connectivity with gadgets like PCs while some of their TVs connects to the internet.

  1. TCL

The TCL technology is a Chinese consumer electronics company that specializes in the production of and other home electronic appliances. You may probably have seen or heard of TCL television. This TV brand is not that available but they are gradually becoming of great value in the TV market today. If you admire sharp, crisp, and colorful displays, you will definitely love TCL range of TVs.

  1. Bruhm

This is also a Chinese owned electronics manufacturing company that deals in the production of home appliances including TVs. Bruhm TVs qualify as a good mid – range TV. Their specifications makes them reliable, just like other brands. Their TV sets are in LED, OLED, and other variants of screen display.

  1. Apple

With Apple TVs, you can easily surf the internet, watch the most recent movies, and follow the most recent happenings anywhere around the world. When it comes to quality, Apple is without a doubt one of the leading brands in the international electronics and gadgets market. Though their TV might be elegant and lovely, it’s also worth having because of the quality they guarantee

  1. Skyworth

This may not be a popular name or brand in the industry but, they are brand to consider and look out for. They have various specs of TV which are available in different models, sizes, and types. Much like other TVs, they come as smart TVs, LEDs, and plasmas, among others. Some of their available TVs come with USB port, internet connection, and supports connectivity with external devices like PCs.

  1. UKA

This is a new name in the TV industry. Despite being a newbie in the market, they make some of the best and affordable TVs available in the market. If by any chance you are looking a large screen TV at an affordable price, UKA is certainly the one to go for. You can get this brand in electronic stores as well as through online vendors.

That’s about it on the list of the top 10 best TVs available in the Nigerian market. All the companies mentioned above are regularly producing TVs to meet the market demands here and to give you the best options available we have created this list.


Cheapest Quality Ear Buds Brands In Nigeria

There are lots of ear buds brands available in the Nigerian market and this industry is continuously expanding. Owing to the fact that Nigerians are freaked about technology, the growth of the ear bud industry is no surprise at all. Most ear buds are compatible with Android smart phones while others are compatible with both the IOS and Android devices. Let us take a look at the Nigerian market to see the current prices of quality ear buds to know the cheapest in the country.

Review and prices of cheapest quality ear buds in Nigeria (2022)

Here, we will highlight the cheapest quality ear buds in Nigeria with their prices.

Oraimo Freepods 2 (N12, 000)

The Oraimo freepods 2 are the most popular affordable wireless ear buds available in the Nigerian market. This is without a doubt the one of the top earphones on the market at the moment. The freepods 2 has a nice design with a small and convenient casing. There are three LED light indicators that shows whether the buds are low or charging. The carry – case has 500 mAH. When the buds and the case are together, you can get more than 24 hours of playtime.

The freepods 2 has an excellent audio system thanks to the 13mm drivers that pump out the bass. Generally, the freepods 2 provides good listening experience. I would definitely suggest them to anyone that wants to get an ear bud without active noise cancellation technology.

The price of the freepods 2 is N12, 000. The price may be a bit high but be sure that you’ll get good value for your money.

Redmi Airdots 2 by Xiaomi (N9000)

The Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 2 is also a best quality ear buds that you can get at an affordable price. The 7.2 mm driver on the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 2 produces good quality sound but it doesn’t have an active noise cancellation (ANC) Each pair of ear buds has a 45 mAH battery while the case has 300 mAh battery. With both of them combined, you can get over 12 hours of listening time. It takes about 1.5 hours to charge from 0 to 100, which is an acceptable time. They have the same design as the Redmi Airdots the difference is that they have Bluetooth 5.0 for faster communication and lower latency.

The Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 2 goes for N9000 in the Nigerian market.

Tecno Hipods H2 (N9000)

The Tecno H2 Hipods is one of the best wireless earphones in Nigeria. Because of the gloss, Tecno H2 Hipods don’t get dirty or dusty easily and the touch controls are excellent, preventing unintended play and pause. It appears large yet it is lightweight. Wearing it for long periods of time will not cause any discomfort.

The Tecno H2 Hipods is available for purchase online and at any Tecno retail location across the country. The Tecno H2 Hipods goes for N9000 in the Nigerian market.

F9 True Wireless Headphones Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones (N6000)

This ear bud is the cheapest on the list. This affordable and cost effective earphone has some amazing features that will interest you. Its specs include:

Active noise cancellation, wireless communication, IOS, Android, and window compatibility, USB connectors, 953 db sensitivity; Time spent talking in the ear – 150 hours, Hybrid technology is a principle of vocalism in this device, No volume control, Wireless Bluetooth technology.

Haylou GT1 Pro (N8000)

Haylou GT1 pro earphones can be found in various stores in Nigeria as well as online. This is a small and simple design audio system by Haylou. Even though it was not released, it still does the job considering the price as well. It has Bluetooth 5.0 and the latency in connectivity is minimal. With the combination of the case and the buds you get a total of 26 hours playtime. The sound quality is amazing with deep bass and well – balanced mid – range and high – range.

It has clear sound and quality audio. In the Nigerian market the price of the Haylou GT1 pro is N8000.

Zealot T2 Earbuds (N7000)

This is another affordable and cost effective ear buds and it looks identical to Apple’s air pods. It has good audio quality and consistent mid and high range. Because they have a stem, the tactile control is awesome. It also has an outstanding battery life with about 20 hours of listening time when the case and buds are used together. I also recommend this ear buds for use.

In the Nigerian market, the Zealot T2 ear buds costs N7000.

Oppo Enco W11 (N16, 000)

This ear bud is also another affordable and amazing option available in Nigeria. It has an excellent sound quality. The Oppo Enco W11 has a unique design and a long battery life. It is available in Nigerian retail stores. This ear buds has Bluetooth 5.0, it pairs super – fast after you take it out of the case. The cost of the Oppo Enco W11 in Nigeria is N16, 000.

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots (N9000)

This is one the category of gadgets that gives more value for less money. These wireless ear buds are one of the cheapest and popular ones in the Nigerian market. Its battery life is one of the amazing features of the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots. It has swift connectivity with little or no latency between audio and video. It doesn’t have as much bass as other ear buds listed above but this is compensated with its crisp sound.

It costs N7000 in Nigeria.

Itel ITW – 60 (N10, 500)

This is another cheap ear bud from Itel which seems to be a new name in the industry. The phone company released their own wireless ear buds in Nigeria towards the end of 2020.

This ear buds includes touch controls. With 35 mAh on the buds and 500 mAh in the case, you get a total of 2 and – a – half play time. The case can charge the ear buds up to six times. This ear phone has Bluetooth 5.0 and when paired with an iPhone, you’ll get a pop – up notification right away. Its current price in Nigeria is N10, 500.

In conclusion, regardless of the price some of these ear buds they have cool features such as the battery strength and clarity of the audio. I believe this article is useful in helping you decide on an affordable ear bud to go for when you need one.