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Do you know that chicken is a well and payable business in Nigeria today it has not season it sells every day and a lot of poultry business in Nigeria enjoyed dramatic growth over the years or so. The truth is that many of those thousand of poultry producers in Nigeria have come to be proud of their business, because they make millions of Naira in the business and it is a multi billion naira industry.

There was a time when poultry industry suffered a great setback recently due to the avian influenza, salmonellosis, and the fact that Nigeria power decreases which has seen that the industry have a major shark, but this is an outstanding opportunity for those who want to go into the poultry farming business because the mass are much and the product are few.  Many have taken the opportunity to continue thriving and they will continue to do so because the truth is that the poultry business has come to stay.

In poultry farming there have some serious factors that has been the mainly responsible for the extraordinary development of the poultry industry in Nigeria and those factors are categorize into three. The number one factor in the development of poultry farming business in Nigeria is the demand of eggs and poultry meat as of diet. The number two factor has been seen as profitable enterprise in agriculture enterprises. Then the third and final factor is the roles played by the poultry association of Nigerian umbrella body all poultry farmers in Nigerian.

The disadvantage in the poultry farming is the high cost of inputs that is feeding the birds, power outages that is you need a light to keep them warm, generator, or native light, at time diseases affecting the birds, if you don’t know how to market your product so purchasing power of consumers are also a hindrances to the speedy development of chicken industry in Nigeria.

The truth is that poultry farming has produce too many wide increase enterprise and many Nigerians has been engage due to the millions of naira it produces everyday for them that has caught attention.

Broiler Production If you are having the mind to go into poultry farming in Nigeria  the poultry business Broilers has been seen to be most preferred ones within the poultry meat category. One of the reasons is that it has been recorded that too many Private business or company has been seen to be involved with poultry farmers and they have given contract to farmer in boiler production. Because of that it has make marketing so easy and its no more a problem. If you must know a broiler are those young chickens that are below eight weeks of age, they weigh from 1.5 to 2 kg in body weight, and they have soft meat and they are tender.

Sourcing Your Day Old Chick/Layers

Every poultry birds that are hatched within the last 24hrs they are to be refer as a day chicks, people placing order do not mind whether if those birds are layers, broilers or cockerels. The farmers makes special request or order to the operator in charge of the hatching department on the category of the kind of bird he want to purchase for rearing on his farm house. The bird Layers are those birds that reared for the only reason of lying eggs.

You should note that the brown and black eggers are the once that are mostly seen in our own part of the world that is the reason when you get to the market you see a large number of brown eggs; the advantage of this is because the brown/black eggers are more favorable due to the tropical climate that is the weather in this part of world, This bird are can adapt to the condition they found themselves and rearing them becomes easy in this environment

What is Takes in Going into Poultry Farming Business Plan

If you have it in mind to go into Poultry Farming Business there are a few things you should have in mind, I need you to consider all what I have been sharing with you if you really want to go into poultry farming business in Nigeria.

The Location: If you really want to go into poultry farming in this country you are been advise not to locate it in a area that the birds are too exposed to an extreme climatic conditions. Mostly the summer period, when the temperature is too far high it will affect the profitability of your business due to high mortality (death) rate of the birds. Your advice to keep your poultry far away from other poultry farms a preferable distance should be a radius of 3-5kms! Reason is because when death enters your neighbor farm it will not immediately enters yours.

Equipment & Live Stock : There are many Hatcheries, in case you don’t know what hatchery mean it a facility where eggs can be hatched under artificial conditions; so they deliver day old chicks to your farm when you ask them to. But in this case you should find out one that is closest to your farm and those who have proven to be timely in delivery record. You should also find out those companies that are in feeding business so that they can deliver food to you on time as well.

If you want your poultry farming business to be outstanding you should go for the latest feeding, including watering & lighting equipment that will save on your labor cost. It is important you have a tie with a good vet that is animal doctor.

It is important you have animal Doctor visit your farm at regular intervals and you should have the one that is easily approachable during crisis. Keep a schedule for vaccinations and medication in consultation with a Vet.

Preparing For Arrival Of Chicks

You want to start poultry farming business you need to prepare for the coming of the chicks are that place is called the poultry house, the place should be very clean and you should make sure you disinfect that place after that you have to allow the place to rest for at least one week which is 7 days before the chicks is place there.

You should also, ensure that the equipment you are to use such as the feeders, the drinkers, the brooders etc. should be very well cleaned and also disinfected. A Fresh litter (straw, wood shavings etc.) is what you should spread over the up of the place. In Nigeria we commonly use litter Wood shave.  The reason for the litter is because it provides insulation from the floor and it will soak up every moisture from the droppings. Not just that It also helps to avoid damaging the birds’ legs in case the bird slips on slippery surfaces. The little should be 8 to 10 cm depth.

You should have their feeding and also their clean water ready and well provided before they arrival.


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Account Name – Uwadia Chukwuhumenya

Account No – 2024911076

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After paying for the latest edition of Poultry Farming Business Plan In Nigeria Feasibility/Business Plan and Manual, you are to send your payment details and email address to 08032503651 you can also ping that number on whatsapp.


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