Rice Farming Business Plan in Nigeria

Rice Farming Business Plan in Nigeria

They have been a lot of issues facing Nigeria at this time and the government can not do anything about it when it comes to agriculture, they only focus on the crude oil, that is why expert are saying that Nigeria is one way income country. That is why the percentage of people both young and old going into agriculture in Nigeria has been increasing and yet they are very low because this area t is a largest sector in the country.

When a country shun agriculture they find it very difficult to grow and improve the livelihood of the people in the country. that is why no nation  in the world could survive without agricultural production in their country; it has been seen as one of the means economies can be boasted. We all know that food is basic need to humans and in Nigeria rice is one of the most important foods, not just Nigeria countries such as China, South Korea, North Korea, Indonesia etc also value rice.

Nigeria as we all know it is a rice most consuming country and Nigeria is the third most popular crop consumption after and every family in the country cannot stay a week without eating rice. In every occasion in the country, event, including festive period rice is highly demanded; Report has shown that there are families in Nigeria that cannot live without eating rice in a week. Anyone who wants to go into Rice Farming Business has made a valuable decision because the commodity is for anyone both rich and poor, this has made the demand not seasonal.


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Any woman or man who chose to go into Rice production he has given himself or herself a great promise of better profit so long he or she know the rules on how it is done. Report from Nigeria federal government states that Nigerian consume about five to six (5-6) million tons of rice yearly. And that is why the importation of rice has been very high because a Local production of rice is unable to satisfy the increase demand of rice, so the federal Government has been importing about 1.8million tons of rice yearly.

Some Factors to Consider Before Going Into Rice Farming

When To Plant Rice

They have been many suggestions in planting of rice and they have come with a great and accurate period, Rice planting is best planted at mid March to mid April. The planting of Rice and time of the harvest can be done within 4 months window. When rice changes its color from green to brown you should know that it is now ready for harvest.


Rice farming is not like every other farm products, if you are going into Rice farming you should know that rice requires swampy land that have lot of water. Although rice can grow in any kind of land but it has been proven that it grows best in a swampy land. This is the reason why rice farmers do take their time to carry out some serious irrigation before they start planting rice.

The best way to have your rice farm produce best is a swampy land so whenever you are looking for land to grow rice, please ensure you are doing it in a swampy land. In a situation whereby you cannot get a swampy land for your rice farming, then you should very well look for a land that won’t cost you so much when you use tractor on it and then you can now channel lot water for proper irrigation before planting and after planting

Rice Seed

One of the important things in every farming is the seed and when you are going into rice production I would advise you to select very healthy rice seed, seeds that has the ability to grow well the moment the seed hits the ground. A random selection of rice seed can lead to a very poor harvest and low returns.

Hauling Mill

In my above right up I told you that rice can take up to four months before ut can be ready for harvest. It is important you are ready for the harvest, after four months; you will need to get hauling mill that will be use to separate the rice from the haul. This process requires the separation of rice from the haul and blowing the haul away.


This process is required in rice farming before you pack the rice for distribution

Sun and Dry the Rice

Before hauling farmers need to sun and dry the rice in other to make it easy for hauling to take place. This process required just placing the rice directly under the sun and allows it to dry. You can do this for a period of 3-4 days and make sure the moisture is fully dry.


Once the moisture if removed this steps requires putting the rice in a bag or any packing means the producer wants or the business owner wants. But any means they choose for packaging it is advisable that it contain office address, phone number, name of company of the business. With this it becomes easy for customers to reach you and it makes your product unique.


No knowledge is waste so at this point you are advice to attend rice production seminars/workshop; this will help you grow your business and increase you production.

Get A Rice Farming Business Plan

Every business need a planning and no one can succeed without a proper planning, so it is very imperative for you to carry out a business plan in other to consider factors such as:

Capital: How much do I need to start this business. The capital for starting rice business is very expensive, it runs to millions of naira but loans can be gotten from government. You consider getting loans if you don’t have it.

Clients: Starting a business is one thing getting customers is another thing so in a business plan you should know where you can find customers. Although customers are everywhere of business but how to get them on your side matters.

Site/location: The Business plan will direct you on where you can locate your farm, it will help you answers such question how do I starts?.

Type Of Rice To Produce

In Nigeria we have seen every state has started going into rice farming bcause they know the important of it and they have chosen the right type of rice depending on their land, and also their climate weather conditions. Example of such states and their different rice type:

Ebonyi state: Ebonyi rice

Kano state: UMZA rice

Ogun state: Prada rice

Niger state: Mama happy rice

Anambra state : Anambra rice

Ekiti state: Igbemo rice

Edo State: Ekpoma Rice




Goals for the year


This Rice Farming / Processing Business plan with Latest Edition has been updated recently and can be used to access loans from Banks, write proposal and apply for grant. Expect has complied this business plan after a thorough feasibility study on Rice farming business in Nigeria.


UBA (United Bank for Africa)

Account Name – Uwadia Chukwuhumenya

Account No – 2024911076

After you made payment sms your name, your e-mail address and payment details to 08032503651 and you’ll receive your email address


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