Secret on How to Grow Your Business in Nigeria

Secret on How to Grow Your Business in Nigeria

A lot of people go into a business without having an idea what the business is all about and at the end they business failed, so do not have passion for the business they are going into so for a while they lost interest and they business failed and they go bankrupt. In some cases they do not see it as a business they sees it as something the need to do to get extra cash from that is the problem.

The business they believe they have died on arrival that is why we have decided to go into this topic in other to help people or young entrepreneur to know that every business has a key and using that key well you will grow your business beyond what anyone imagining. The reason for the article on Secret on How to Grow Your Business is to enable business owners to see the light on how business is grown otherwise you will have business and you can grow it.

In this article I will be giving two or more ways on how you can grow you business and as you reason I need you to practices every information we are sharing with you because the purpose for us to take out time to give you all this information is for your business to grow. Growing your business is our dream.

Secret on How to Grow Your Business In Nigeria

Get A Business Plan in Nigeria

The first thing everyone who wants to grow his or her business is to get a business plan, getting a business plan provide the road map you need to establish the kind of business which will put your business on top. I have seen some persons who want to start a business but when they are ask  about their business plan they reply by saying is the business to difficult to figure out.

Business plan is the key to every successful business anyone without a business plan is only building his or her business to fail and I assure you the business will fail. There is more to business plan then just a document. No investors will want to invest in your business without he or she first see your business plan it is the plan that give them the reason they are investing. The same thing goes to loan, if you want to get a loan for you business you are required to provide the plan of your business and without an adequate business plan you cannot be granted that loan. Is business plan important? Yes it is; there is no way one should know how to improve in a business if you do not know your weak spot and you cannot know your weak spot without a plan.

The business plan shows you where you are doing well and where you are failing the enables you to cover every loop holes that you have in your business. The wisest man ever lived on earth says before you build a house ensure you carry out the cost of the house before you start, otherwise you won’t be able to finish and people will call you foolish. That is to say make a plan and start with the plan. Someone said doing the same thing twice and expect a different result is foolishness. So my dear readers the first secret on how to grow your business is to get yourself a business plan.

Maintain Trust In Your First Costumer Base

This is important, and I need you to also take this very seriously, in every business there is a first costumers or permit me to use the word organic costumers. This set of people they walk to you and get your product without you running advert on your business. They are the first set of people that patronize you when you are still struggle to stand on your feet. They keep coming to you for product in spite there are people who is out there selling the same thing you are selling but in more conductive place but yet they keep coming to your because the just like what you have or what you sell, or even the way you talk smile.

This people are you network or costumers they are the once you should get hold on to and ensure you take them seriously, do not do anything that will make them to stop trusting you, because once they do, they will not give you another chance, they are the one who will recommend people to you and tell them to trust you. They are your business fan base. You need to maintain them by doing anything purposes to keep the trust going. I remember there is one woman I always buy phone accessories from, and the plan is not a big shop but a small shop, I will leave all the big shop and walk right into the woman small shop and I will get my accessory. One day I walk to her I said I need a memory card 4GB; she looked at me and she smile. She said I don’t have, I looked at her I pointed to the 4GB memory card on the wall; I said is that not the memory card? She said yes it is but you have been my costumer for long I won’t hide anything from you. That memory card is not the original one; it may not be up to 4GB I don’t want to sell anything to you that are not real. I will surprise and impress, I thank her and walk away. I keep going there for phone accessories because he has won my trust.

When dealing with business try your best to maintain trust in your first costumers they will be the one who will always be there and bring others to you, if you handle your costumers well you will be able to build a network of costumers loyal you and your business.

Improve Your Costumer Base

Another secret on how to grow your business in Nigeria, you have to grow your customer base, this is very important, every business need a constant costumer but that is not enough those costumers needs to grow and it is you to grow your customer base. There are ways you can grow your costumers every business you operate have a way of growing the costumer base, not all business are grown the same that is why you need a business plan, this has been the secret, someone dealing on yam have a different costumer from someone dealing in cloths everyone have a different way they operate.

And in improving your customer base you should have to find out what walks for you. There is a way you position your business you either gain or you lose that is way business is not just experience but passion and wisdom. Do not allow your business look the same all the time there is a room for rebranding and shaping. Run advert to those who are interested in your business, you cannot run a business for those who do not want your business. Is like putting computer business center in the middle of the market where they sell rice and other foodstuff; rather than campuses.



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