Tomatoes Farming Business Plan In Nigeria

Tomatoes Farming Business In Nigeria

Tomatoes Farming Business In Nigeria: in case you are having it in mind to start a tomatoes farming business and for you to thrive and successful in tomato farming business In Nigeria you will need this business plan because our Tomatoes Farming Business Plan is the best thing that you need to start up the business and be in a great way if you are thinking when to start i suggest you start now, no time is the present besides  earlier the better.

Our Tomatoes Farming Business Plan has been update with the recent necessary information that would help you in the business it has all the recent marketing analysis and a well wide-ranging approach into Tomatoes Farming Business in Nigeria and it Can be used to apply for Bank Loans, apply for Grant, use in Business proposal, and as well as Writing competition

You may have it in mind well do I need a Tomatoes Farming business plan have a an insight into tomatoes farming, well yes, you may have a point, but remember having an insight into the business is not the issue but due to some constraint you may have your limitations. Hence this business plan, it is for you and it is important you have some guard that would help you when you are going into a business especially a lucrative business as tomatoes farming in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a country that is bless by God with everything you can think of, but the federal government has made a mockery of the system every state is now focusing on crude oil and that is the problem. They forget the important of agriculture such line of business has been left in the hand of a sing few; Well if you have not thought about it before I think this is the time you should but you have and you haven’t fully be inform about the business idea, here is the opportunity.

For me not to keep you reading on how the country has failed in agriculture which I believe you already because right now is a waste of your time, let’s dive into the important discuss on to start a thriving in tomatoes farming business in Nigeria.  So relax as we start discussing about business concept on tomatoes farming business in Nigeria.


Introduction: In this part of the business plan you try to introduce your Tomatoes Farming business to the investors and what they should be expecting as soon as your business plan get started

Business Description: Here you are to describe the business strategy to the investors or to the bank who wants to get you the loan

Products and Services: You will have to share the kind of Tomatoes Farming business you want to do

Competitive Advantage: you need to get our Tomatoes Farming Business Plan in Nigeria

Market Research: Get a copy of our Tomatoes Farming Business Plan In Nigeria

Competitor Analysis: to find out how to go about it just get a copy of Tomatoes Farming Business Plan In Nigeria

Sales and Marketing Plan: Get your own copy of Tomatoes Farming Business Plan In Nigeria

Operational Plan: at this part of the Tomatoes Farming Business Plan you share the way you intend to run the day to day operation of the business

Business Risk: get a copy of our latest edition of Tomatoes Farming Business Plan In Nigeria

Management and Structure: calls us for a copy of Tomatoes Farming Business Plan In Nigeria

Financial Plan and Projections: Here you should able to state you financial plan and if you don’t know how to go about it you may destroy your business so get a copy of our latest edition of Tomatoes Farming Business Plan In Nigeria

How To Get Our Tomatoes Farming Business Plan in Nigeria

Make a payment of =N= 10,000 to the below account number and follow the instructions very carefully

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Tomatoes Feasibility Study business Plan, include a well detailed financial analysis, how to go about the tomatoes farming business, how to make your product, how to insure your product, how to bring in investors lot more you can get for our Tomatoes farming Business Plan In Nigeria for just N15, 000 because of our bonanza we are giving it out for N10,000 hurry up and get you own make your payment today and make your order, so pay to

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There is a fact file and I think you should know, the fact has not change tomatoes has been the most consume crops in Nigeria and even in the world as large and it has been one of the basic crop consumption a day. Millions of tomatoes basket a been sold in three (3) states in Nigeria daily.

Report has shown that Lagos and Ondo state consume millions of tomatoes basket on a daily basis other state is not counted, but the issue is that the tomatoes farmers are very few. That has been the price of tomatoes increase almost every time and there is nothing the federal government can do about it.

The reason why people go for tomatoes is because tomato is one source of vitamin A and E, that is why demand is high and this makes it important to your health. When one put this fact together he or she should know that the high demand for tomato is more than the tomato farming and processing business in the Nigeria agro-business ventures. A business where there are less people is a perfect way to exploit because little input will produce massive outcome. That is why tomato farming is one of the best agriculture business a smart ideas for entrepreneurs to seriously consider.

Do you remember 2016 when there was severe scarcity of tomatoes in Nigeria due to some issues at that time people wished they had started tomato farms then those who has tomatoes farming wishes they did it earlier. One Mr. Abu who bought our old edition of tomatoes farming business plan and invested earlier in the tomato business called to appreciate for the ideas after a seminar we held on Nigeria and Agric Venture made millions and he smiled to the bank while the rest just wished they had started.

There Are Five (5) Things To Consider When Starting A Tomato Farming Business in Nigeria

Although tomato farming is like other farming but there is a different procedure do not think you are into tomato farming and you know it all. A definition of stupid is doing one thing and expecting a different result so before you start a thriving and successful tomato business in Nigeria,  You need to consider those five (5) things below.

  1. Get a Farmland
  2. Get the Right Variety of Tomato Seeds
  3. Planting your seeds
  4. Harvesting your products
  5. Marketing your products

Get a Farmland

You do not need someone to tell you that the first thing to do before going into farming is to get yourself a land, not just a land but a well fetal land because a good land is where you to cultivate your tomato seeds. Getting a farmland is not a problem. But you should be careful of the kind of land you get, You can get a lease from an individual or get a lease land from your state government.

If you don’t have your own personal farm land You can get a lease of land hectare  for as 8,000 to 15,000 Naira in Nigeria, especially in the Northern Nigeria. Though some area are different from other areas you need your research on how much is a price per hectare of land in your own region, but am sure that it won’t exceed 20,000 at most.

In some area you can discuss with land owners in your state and both of you can come up with a joint venture arrangement and you may end up not paying that amount or not paying at all. Especially when the land is not in the city. The land has to be far away from the city it most preferable in the village and you can travel there one a while to keep on in touch on what is happening. Do not ask yourself how do I do it am in the city I do I get a farm in the village, I need you to know that I have a bank manager at UBA in the city and he has a farm in the village he deals on Yam Farming

Getting the Right Variety of Seeds

One of the important about farming is the seeds, If you miss this, then you have successfully failed. You should know that the seed of every farm product determine the growth of the farm and since farming is your business and investment, that is the seed determine your success so choose a seed that can be a resistance to diseases.

In case you don’t know tomatoes has types and the best, most common types of tomato species are the Roma Tomato, Cherry tomato, Beefsteak and Sauce tomato. The Roma are of a variety and it is characterized with low moisture content, red color, and has a bigger fruit.

Planting Your Seeds

Planting Tomato seeds is different from the way you plant your yam or cassava when planting your tomato seed it has to first passing through the first two stages, you need to first plant in a nursery that will provide adequate controlled conditions for the seeds to germinate well.

So after few weeks around 4-8 weeks after you have planted your tomatoes you need to transplant it from the control environment, allow it to grow for two months or so then you can then weed and apply fertilizers to the tomatoes. Please take note, fertilizers with high content of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other essential nutrient should be used, so as to replenish the soil nutrients.

Harvesting your Products

Every farming is waiting for this season and this is the time for harvest when your tomatoes is ready for the picking and tomatoes is not like maize that when you harvest once and that’s it no not at all You harvest continues like that till the plants dies off which is usually in dry seasons if there is no more water but if you can water it which is mostly unlikely it continues.

Marketing your Farm Produce

How may not be able to talk much here because this is where business plan come in handy, funny is that business plan is the only successful mauel that could even get you this far expect you just one to farm for yourself and your family, but if you really want to count millions of naira in tomato farming, you need our tomatoes farming business plan in Nigeria with a latest edition of tomatoes business plan Place order now by paying  N15, 000 to

UBA (United Bank for Africa)

Account Name – Uwadia Chukwuhumenya

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After you have made payment, sms your name, your e-mail address and the payment details to 08032503651 and you’ll receive your TOMATOES FARMING BUSINESS PLAN IN NIGERIA LATEST EDITION.

Challenges of Starting a Tomato Farm Business in Nigeria

No business one start without some major challenges, if there is not challenges you are doing something wrong, you do not have to give up because learning from those mistake is part of the success we are talking about. An entrepreneur should be prepared to meet and overcome every kind of challenge the business through at you, if you can’t with stand it you are in a wrong business. Let’s take time to start looking for the challenge in tomato farm business in Nigeria.

  1. Capital
  2. Competitions
  3. Damages


In starting a business, how to get funds is one of the first and biggest challenge for every entrepreneurs. Some persons will tell you to start a business you need an idea, money is not important, well depending on the kind of business. The truth is no matter the kind of business an entrepreneur wants to go into he or she need money without capital your idea will die with you. Funding is the most important thing in making that big dream of having a large scale business come through.

Getting a Tomato farming business plan in Nigeria is not free it is money although it worth it because it will help you get ways to attract good investors and win you loans to start to start your tomato business.

Some people wants to write a business plan, I need to tell you the truth to write a business plan is for professional, it’s a job that profession could handle, the business plan we are selling is written by a professional and every time he carries a research he updated the business plan that is why our business plan is a latest edition.


In every business where there is no competition the masses suffers but in this business there is a challenge and it is competition. You are going into the business there is people before you and there would be people after you any newbie entrepreneur will face with this kind of challenge.

 You will have to start dealing with big players in the business and their customers already know them so you have to prove your reliability and truthfulness. But not to worry about them the market is big for everyone. Just focus on doing your thing. Provide quality and quantity with enticing packaging in other to stand in the business, from there you will get your own costumers that you will be supplying to.


Damages is a challenge that is why you need our business plan that is will help you control the damages,  tomatoes is a perishable nature and to overcome this, get your clients or buyers ready even before it is finished harvested.

Tomatoes Feasibility Study. To place an order, pay N10,000 to

UBA (United Bank for Africa)

Account Name – Uwadia Chukwuhumenya

Account No – 2024911076

After you have made payment, sms your name, your e-mail address and the payment details to 08032503651 and you’ll receive your TOMATOES FARMING BUSINESS PLAN IN NIGERIA LATEST EDITION.



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