Top Best Catering Schools In Lagos: Fee And Location

Many people view cooking as putting one or two ingredients together to make a meal. Cooking isn’t as easy as you think, you may prepare a meal that agrees with your taste buds but is a No  for another. In other to be able to prepare sumptuous meals especially for a large group of people, it is necessary that one attends a catering school. Attending a catering school doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot cook, it helps in training and equipping you with the skills necessary for preparing various continental dishes as well as giving you the right professional backing in becoming a chef.

Catering schools can be found in various stages in Nigeria but Lagos is known to have the best catering schools so far. Enrolling in any gives you the opportunity to learn culinary practices and also gives you the ideal cooking skills of international standard.

Catering isn’t tied in preparing decent food only, it additionally touches the aspect which includes some uncommon, yet, superb qualities one ought to possess. However, to acquire these skills, you’d have to go through some special trainings at any of the under recorded catering schools. You should however bear it in mind that these schools are not free to attend as you would be required to pay a fee for registration, after which a certificate will be issued to you at the end of the training. This certificate however, is very important as it would enable you to open your own catering establishment or even be a professional chef in the country. Bear in mind however, that there are requirements to be met before you can be admitted into any of these culinary schools. We have also provided the location and details of these certified culinary schools in Lagos State.

Why You Need To Attend A Catering School

Being a chef was once an occupation that didn’t get much love. However, towards the turn of the century, more cooking shows began appearing on TV, resulting in the emergence of a whole lot of celebrity chefs and in turn, being a chef now, is akin to being an artist. And in order to become that artist, professional or expert, you would have to attend a culinary school to achieve those. Apart from acquiring cooking skills, there are numerous reasons why you should attend a culinary school. Some of these reasons include:

  • Job opportunities around the world: chefs are needed around the world which means that you would not only find the opportunity to work as a chef, you’d also have the opportunity to travel if you desire. Chefs work in luxury restaurant, on cruise ship or even at spas.

Without a culinary degree, even if you work your way up to the head chef position at a restaurant, you won’t have as many career opportunities compared to one with a culinary arts degree. With such degree, you can pursue positions like nutritionist, private chef, food scientist and many more.

  • The ability to be creative: the ability to be creative and try something new is something that many careers cannot afford. Even if two chefs get the same training, they can still make their work different from the other by implementing their own styles of cooking based on their unique tastes. Also, you have the ability to continuously improve on your craft by studying different cultures and ways of preparing dishes, and also, finding out how you can incorporate what you’ve learnt into your own style.
  • You become better equipped to run a catering business: with culinary training, you have the advantage of running a successful catering business and also have the ability to deal with masses like how to cook food for a large audience, etc.

List of Top Best Catering Schools In Lagos: Fees And Contact Details

Lagos has a good number of fine catering schools that would aid you in your cooking career. Below are the list of various catering schools in Lagos, as well as their contact details and feed for their training.

Pretty Dreams

Pretty Dreams is an evening management and catering school situated at 35B, Agungi-Ajiran Road, Lagos. It is one of the top catering schools in Lagos State that will give your career as a wannabe chef, a heads up. The school offers different short and long term courses in catering and confectionaries. The school is precisely located between fifth and sixth Roundabout coming from Victoria Island. It will cost you a registration fee of N5000 to enroll this school. Also , Pretty Dreams have a branch as well at no 19 Ibikunle street, off University Road, off Herbert Macaulay way, Yaba, Lagos. For a definite course outline, you can visit their website on

The Sense of Taste Specialty Caterers

Do you want to be a top notch chef? The sense of taste specialty caterers is a culinary school which would aid you am achieve such. The school offers different cookery courses, has incorporate classroom lectures, practical hands-on cookery sessions and demonstrations and introduction abilities. Understudies can also figure out how to make Chinese cooking with the nature of their training.

The school is located at No 12 Efunsetan Street, Araromi Bus Stop, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos. You can mail them at or visit for more information about the school.The fee for enrollment ranges from N85000 to N200000. Their fee however varies, as it depends on the culinary course you want to do as well as the duration.

Yetkem Institute Of Catering And Hotel Management

Yektem Institute of Catering and Hotel Management is one of the best, yet, coordinated catering schools in Lagos. It is a group of schools with a primary, essential, auxiliary school just as a catering foundation. The school has accommodations as well or boarding places for understudies who need to stay around. This school though is quite expensive, offer a diploma certificate to it’s students that enroll in their training. Their tuition fee ranges from N180000 to N350000.

The school is located at No 1 YETKEM Avenue, off Ajasa Command Road, through the New Ekuro Road, Abule-Egba, White House Bus stop, Lagos.

National Institute For Hospitality And Tourism

This catering school is one of the top notch culinary schools in Lagos. The school has a chain of lodgings and catering schools set up to offer moderate training services to students all over the country. The National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism has a long range of courses in catering, which will give you all the skills needed in cooking.

Apart from Lagos, the school has its branches at Kaduna, Benin and Enugu. At Lagos, the school is situated at Moshalashi, Mushin, Lagos Nigeria. Contact address for the school is at Tokumbo Allu Street, off Toyin street, Ikeja, Lagos State. The form to enroll in the school ranges from N1500 to N3000.

DOF Institute of Catering And Hotel Management

DOF Institute of Catering and Hotel Management is one of the best culinary schools in Lagos State. The school is an eminent style and cooking training institute in the city. It offers a few recognition and shirt courses in Event Management, Catering, Computer training as well as Fashion Design. This type of training is geared at enabling the students have the best knowledge in catering all round.

Victory Catering School

Victory catering schools is situated in Ikeja. It has broad assets and facilities to bring to the table, the best catering services to it’s students. Victory catering school is also, one if the famous, yet, best catering schools in Lagos State. Aside catering, they offer courses on event planning, baking and culinary. Their registration fee is N1500 and their tuition fee on the other hand ranges from N40000 to N120000, which depends on the duration of the training.

Culinary Academy

Culinary academy, though located at a remote part of the city, is however considered one if the best training their students to become the best in whatever part of the art they choose. They offer various catering services including culinary training. It’s educational classes incorporate proficient culinary expert training, programs, sporting classes, server/kitchen staff training, just as children in the catering training.

Landmark Foods

The catering school is no doubt, one of the best. The school has a few branches across Nigeria. They can however be located in Lagos at No 12, Gbaja Street, opposite St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Surulere, Lagos State. They offer courses like cooking, housekeeping and facility management services. You can as well locate them through their online website at

Wavecrest College

Wavecrest College is a top catering school and has been verified by the National Board for Technical Education (NABTE). The college offers professional courses in catering like HND for Hospitality Management and Catering.


La Cuisine Exotique

Another quality catering school on our list of best catering schools is LA Cuisine Exotique – you can expect the best of catering training when you attend this school. The school offers catering services and training in Lagos State.

The school can be located at Fourth Avenue, 40/41 Road, Plot 10873, Festac Town, Lagos State. You can also access them through their website at

Requirements for A Course In Catering

The requirements for a course in catering differ from one catering or culinary school to the other. It is safer to have knowledge about cooking before enrolling in a catering school as most schools these days are interested in students who are interested in catering or are now studying culinary arts. Then as you advance in the training, you can even discover a course as an independent student too. In all, no formal education is needed as basis to study a course in catering or culinary arts as a large part of the knowledge and skills required of catering experts are mostly acquired at work. It is required to however, possess at least, a secondary school certificate. A few culinary arts degree programs are available especially at universities and educational training schools.


If you are probably contemplating on the best school on catering or culinary arts to enroll in, we have provided the answers here. This article enumerated top notch catering school in Lagos State, Nigeria.




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